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Crossing Guard

Are you interested in working as a crossing guard?

Salary: $15.78 per hour

Job Description: Work is split into 3 ninety minute shifts and are ideally placed within 2.5 km from their home. If you are punctual and reliable, you will be paid a daily bonus that translates to 2 hours of extra paid time (so they are paid for 6 hours per day while only working 4.5 hours). 

Standby positions are also available. 

Responsibilities: The Crosswalk Safety Ambassador is responsible for assisting children and pedestrians crossing streets at designated times and locations in accordance with laws and traffic control guidelines pertaining to school crossing areas and pedestrian safety. 

The ideal candidate is required to:

  • Have a smart phone with data and working knowledge on how to use it 
  • Have a keen eye with an observant attitude
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Have a consideration for safety and children

If you have the ability to learn, communicate and utilize a smartphone, our training staff is willing to provide training. You will develop the best skills to escort children and other pedestrians at designated school crossing locations.


To apply, send your resume to