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General Labourer

An Etobicoke  retail store at Dundas and Bloor is hiring a general labourer.

Position: Part-time (3 or 4 days a week, one day must be a Wednesday)

Salary: $14 per hour

Description: Must have excellent communication skills and be presentable. This is extremely important as the customers that enter expect to see presentable, approachable staff. Communicating with customers will not be a job requirement, however, because it’s a small store they will be in view of customers and will occasionally be approached by customers. We need someone who is able to say “Would you mind waiting here while I find someone who can assist you” and will not be nervous if a customer approaches them and, most importantly, will not be rude towards customers.)


– Receiving and carrying products to storage which would require some lifting

– Sorting items in the correct area and checking packing slips to confirm ordered items are received

– Overseeing rental equipment which requires sanitizing and checking the condition of equipment before sorting items

– Keeping the shop clean and tidy, include lifting boxes and equipment- must have the ability to lift up to 50 pounds as well as minor equipment setup

– Overseeing empty boxes and putting them out for pick up once a week

We will be happy to train the appropriate person for this job but we need someone who is willing to take on multiple tasks and can work independently without constant supervision once training is complete.

To apply, send your resume to