Message from the Chair

As a not-for-profit organization, PTP exists for a social purpose: to empower people to learn and find work they value.

We make no assumptions about who is or is not ready for work. Instead, we support clients with a range of innovative programs and tools tailored to their needs. In some cases, that’s helping a skilled worker build confidence and set career goals; in others, it’s identifying strengths and gaps, and helping the client develop training strategies that will equip them for the future. Our success lies in resilience: our own, as an organization, and in the character and many successes of our clients. And that resilience means identifying and overcoming barriers. We work with all levels of government, to ensure funding models are strong and flexible; we work with employers, supporting them with training and onsite interventions, and we work with educators, finding solutions for low-income and otherwise marginalized people. When great employers find and retain talented workers, everyone benefits. In this Impact Report, you will read some of those success stories, and learn how PTP’s programs have touched and changed the lives of people in Toronto and across Canada. From our committed, experienced staff to our active and engaged Board of Directors, PTP understands and responds to the needs of our clients. With the help of our partners and supporters nationwide, PTP is making a difference in in the lives of thousands of clients every year.

In 2017, PTP celebrates its 25th birthday. Thank you to the dedicated staff, funders, and partners who have helped us in the past and who we hope will join us as we achieve much in the future.

Daniel Boyer

Message from the Executive Director

When a person makes the decision to come to PTP, that individual embarks on a pathway to change.

At PTP, our job is to help each client identify specific goals, and then guide and support them on the path to attaining that goal. We work hard to build the tools and techniques that make each person’s path a little easier. Our toolkit grows stronger every year, and this year is no exception. On October 1st, we were very excited to launch a national, 4-year project called Pathway to Work: Increasing community capacity through training innovations. This initiative, funded by Human Resources and Social Development Canada, will produce a training model for Indigenous job seekers that will increase their literacy and workplace skills and improve their employment prospects in the construction sector. The project employs an innovative, partnership-based approach that is rooted in the most recent research. Working with Indigenous organizations, adult education and employment service providers, and industry partners, Pathway to Work creates a framework to bridge the employment gap for Indigenous clients.

Partnerships are also core to our ongoing work through PTP Compass and our innovative CAMERA (Communications and Math Employment Readiness Assessment) system. Through these and specific skills development programs, PTP helps Canadians access specialized work-oriented training and links to the local labour market. As we look ahead to 2018, we will continue to strengthen relationships with governments, industry partners, and francophone and indigenous communities, working together on innovative training and learning solutions for all Canadians.

Barbara McFater
Executive Director