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Building Job Skills

PTP offers a full range of programs and services that help people determine their level of ability, decide on an appropriate goal, identify what they need to learn, and then get ready to find that job. From Literacy and Basic Skills and Academic Upgrading – to Employment Essentials and Employment Services – PTP’s amazing, talented staff make all the difference in learner success.

Natasha Joins Local 721

Spotting Barriers

Like many youth, Natasha struggled to find meaningful employment. With little practical training, she worried that most skilled jobs would be beyond her grasp. A few years ago, she approached PTP for help. What kind of work might fit her interests and personality? What could she do to find a good job? PTP’s counsellor worked with Natasha through an initial assessment to determine her level of ability and help her decide on an appropriate job goal. The next step was to help her identify the skills she would need to handle the job, and obtain training in those skills. But the assessment also revealed a new barrier: Natasha’s interest was in the skilled trades, a field that traditionally has been difficult for women to enter.

Seeking Solutions

Our response was to refer Natasha to PTP’s 12-week Building for the Future (BFF) program, which offers learners the opportunity to develop employability skills, set goals, explore career options, and gain an in-depth understanding of apprenticeships in the skilled trades. Natasha’s BFF counsellor worked with her one-on-one and through small group workshops, helping her to shape her career objectives and decide on next steps.

Once she had completed the BFF program, Natasha registered in PTP’s Job Solutions program, where she worked with staff to build her resume, learn practical job search techniques and explore possible future training opportunities. One option seemed ideal: Hammer Heads, a skill and employment-based program created by the Central Ontario Building Trades to support at-risk youth through apprenticeship career opportunities in under-resourced neighbourhoods. Natasha applied and was accepted into Hammer Heads. That program is not an easy one for young women, but she worked diligently and stayed in touch with PTP staff, knowing she could always call on them if she needed coaching or support.

Seeing Impact

Natasha successfully completed the Hammer Heads program and today she works for the Iron Workers Union, Local 721, earning $40/hr as a skilled iron worker.

Recently, Natasha told the Executive Director of PTP how proud she is of herself and all she has accomplished. She says that that working with PTP staff, and having their ongoing support, was critical in helping her create a viable career path for herself and ultimately finding well-paid, satisfying work.


Photo of Natasha

70% of PTP clients who completed their program moved on to further education, training or employment.

61% of PTP clients are on income assistance from Ontario Works.

62% of PTP clients have grade 12 or less.

24% of PTP clients are youth (<29).