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Guiding Our Work

Our Mission

To provide basic skills education, upgrading, job search and related services to individuals preparing for employment, training or further education.

Our Vision

Empowering people to learn and find work they value.

Our Values

We value the right to learn and work.

  • We seek to create better opportunities in education and employment.
  • We help people identify interests and skills, connect them to employment goals and related, realistic pathways to success.

We value people – their individuality and dignity.

  • We create a positive, supportive learning, teaching and working environment that encourages personal growth through reflection, goal setting and on-going assessment.
  • We acknowledge individual strengths and challenges.
  • We aim to accommodate special needs.
  • We provide support services to enhance individual well-being and goal achievement.
  • We respect the skills, knowledge, commitment and hopes of clients and staff.

We value open communication.

  • We build trust and listen without judging.
  • We give, and respond to, constructive feedback.

We value diversity and community.

  • We are inclusive and collaborative.
  • We encourage active participation and understand the importance of celebrating our shared accomplishments.

We value accountability.

  • We deliver effective, flexible, and integrated programs responsive to clients’ needs.
  • We follow policies and procedures that treat people fairly.
  • We negotiate agreements with funders that best serve our client group.

We value innovation and leadership.

  • We use research and materials development to meet, evaluate and refine PTP’s program objectives.
  • We recognize the role of community partners in achieving our mission.
  • We strive for excellence.