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Assess and manage learning with CAMERA

PTP’s proprietary Communications And Math Employment Readiness Assessment (CAMERA) System allows you to assess and develop a learner’s abilities to manage workplace communications and numeracy tasks. CAMERA tests are the heart of the CAMERA System, a set of standardized, integrated resources that can be used to support learners engaged in upgrading. You must be a trained assessor to administer the tests.

CAMERA has three components:

  • CAMERA tests, including a Placement Test that identifies a learner’s needs, and Stage Tests at set intervals, giving learners and opportunity to demonstrate skills and see progress.
  • Signposts link to secondary page ‘curriculum guidelines’ are the CAMERA system’s curriculum guidelines. You can use Signposts to identify what to teach and to monitor learning in specific Essential Skills.
  • Learners complete activities in the CAMERA system’s workwrite workbooks link to secondary page, to develop and practice the Essential Skills they will need at work.

Interested in becoming a certified CAMERA assessor? We offer both e-training and face-to-face training.

  • E-training offers the opportunity to complete CAMERA Assessor training online, at your own pace. The first course introduces you to CAMERA and allows for decisions on whether or not you are the right individual to become a CAMERA Assessor. Upon completion of the second course, participants complete one Placement and one Stage assessment that is marked and reviewed by the CAMERA Trainer, and certification is granted.
  • In face-to-face training, assessors attend a 2.5-day, in-person course that provides an introduction to the CAMERA System, review of all test content, and opportunities to observe the administration of assessments and score the Placement and Stage assessments. The course also provides an opportunity to score learner-generated writing samples, and understand how to use Signposts and workwrite to create quality workforce essentials skills programs. You are granted certification as a CAMERA assessor upon successful completion of the course.
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Contact Heather Paterson at or 905-622-9208 to learn more about CAMERA training and becoming a certified CAMERA assessor.



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