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Extending our learning coast to coast to coast

We’ve been working with local educators, employment service providers and employers across Canada for more than 20 years. Our national reach gives us a good understanding of the unique regional barriers that prevent workers from fully accessing the job market.

We work hard to share our knowledge through our assessment and learning tools and our capacity building services. The results speak for themselves. Community-based agencies from coast to coast are using our methods to strengthen the bridge from learning to work through a variety of innovative training programs.

At the heart of our work is our Communications And Math Employment Readiness Assessment (CAMERA) System

The CAMERA System is a set of workbooks, curriculum guidelines and standardized tests that allows you to assess and develop a learner’s abilities to manage workplace communications and numeracy tasks. CAMERA tests must be administered by a trained assessor. If you’re interested in becoming a CAMERA trainer, we offer both e-training and in-person training options

Our fee-based consulting services  support you in research, funding applications, program design, and professional development. We can even help you develop learning materials and curricula customized for your training needs and region.

And we make great partners! Working with agencies across Canada, we are building partnerships that leverage the strengths of individual organizations to deliver integrated programming that goes beyond the capacity of any single agency.