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Why high school equivalency matters

Company and union officials responsible for staff development and training know how important it is for workers and colleagues to have a high school diploma. The Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate (the GED) is recognized as proof of high school equivalency in all Canadian provinces and territories and in all states and territories in the United States. Employers, universities, colleges, and Ontario apprenticeship programs recognize the GED as equivalent to the OSSD (Grade 12). The GED certificate is issued by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

When your workers write the GED tests and earn their High School Equivalency Certificate, your company benefits too. GED graduates are more confident, more motivated, and better prepared for future training and development, and they have stronger problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Our Corporate GED Achievement® Program accommodates the most complicated shift schedules, maximizing program participation while minimizing work disruption. Depending on your company’s needs, PTP can also provide customized upskilling programming. Training funds may be available through the Canada Ontario Job Grant program.

The Corporate GED Achievement® Program

[note to designer: the ® symbol should be a superscript throughout this page.] GED Achievement® is Ontario’s premier high school equivalency program, now offered exclusively by PTP. GED Achievement® has helped hundreds of workers fine-tune their skills so that they can pass the GED tests and add “high school certificate/diploma” to their academic credentials.

How it works

Your in-plant GED Achievement® program begins with the GED Briefing, introducing everyone to the concept of the GED tests and the value of the High School Equivalency Certificate. In 45 minutes, we present the information and answer the questions so that your employees can discuss the program with family and friends before deciding to commit to it.

GED Readiness Assessment

As a starting point, your employees may now do our GED Achievement® Readiness Assessment, which determines whether they have the skills and knowledge to pass the GED tests successfully. The assessment indicates the level of their skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and in reading and writing. It also provides our coaches with the information they need to personalize coaching for each employee.

We provide each employee with a written analysis of their GED Readiness Assessment results. Our staff counsel those requiring additional learning and direct them to other PTP programs link to How WE Can Help, as appropriate for their needs. We can also arrange specialized training through public, community, or private providers.

If the GED Readiness Assessment indicates that the individual is able to write the GED tests immediately, they will be directed to the Independent Learning Centre test site.

If the assessment shows that the individual is likely to be successful with the GED tests but would benefit from additional coaching, they are invited to enter our GED Preparation Program.

GED Preparation Program

Our GED Preparation program consists of a series of small-group coaching sessions that focus on the skills common to many or all of the GED tests rather than on specific curriculum material. Working closely with experienced adult educators, your employees will learn reading, writing and test-taking strategies. They’ll also be given homework assignments to sharpen their skills in all areas. Finally, they’ll write the 3.5 hour GED Official Practice Tests.

After the Official Practice Test results have been evaluated and discussed with each employee, our team of analysts, coaches and administrators continues to monitor their progress, providing encouragement and counseling. When they’re ready to write the GED tests, they may do so at a GED test site or, if numbers warrant, the Ministry may provide in-house testing.

Our personalized approach rewards our candidates with a very high success rate on their GED tests.

Corporate pricing structure

Our graduated fee structure comprises a per-person fee for each GED Readiness Assessment and the GED Preparation Program, which includes the GED textbook, GED approved calculator, and Official GED Practice Tests. The per-person cost is reduced as the number of participants increases.

The GED Readiness Assessment enables you to maximize your return on investment by coaching only those employees who have a good chance at passing the GED tests.

Some companies already have a policy that will reimburse employees for the cost of further education or training that could be applied to the GED Achievement high school equivalency program.

If some of your employees are laid off, a labour adjustment program that covers the cost of earning a GED will ease the transition.

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